[rt-users] Strange looping

Wozz wozz+rt at wookie.net
Tue Jan 9 16:00:06 EST 2001


  I'm running 1.0.6 with qmail on a Solaris 2.6 box.  We've run into a
  strange looping problem.  It appears to have been initiated because the
  auto-responder on the other end isn't setting its Precedence to Bulk, so
  its not entirely an RT problem.  However, whats strange is, they sent the
  inital message to a queue with an auto-reply.  We auto-replied, and they
  auto-replied back.  Their autoreply had a subject that looked like this:

  Subject: [ FAB979071690914 ] [HSA-ISG #8899] (incoming-abuse) Forwarded
  abuse complaint

  Now, for whatever reason, even though the HSA-ISG tag was in there (our rt
  systems tag) we sent another auto-reply out.  The only thing I could figure
  was that the initial set of brackets around their tag ([ FAB979071690914 ])
  was confusing RT.  However, when I tried to reproduce this myself, I
  couldn't get rt to sent me a second auto-reply.  So, basically, we ended up
  with one ticket with 500 or so of their auto-reply messages in it.  Now,
  granted, if they'd set their precedence right, this shouldn't have
  happenned, but I'm curious as to why we continued sending out auto-replies
  when the HSA-ISG tag should have just dumped the message into the ticket
  with no reply.  Any ideas?  

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