[rt-users] strange email issue...

Wozz wozz+rt at wookie.net
Thu Jan 18 19:29:14 EST 2001

 I seem to be having some problems with a few emails coming into
 our RT system.  Looks like a simple pattern matching mixup.  We're
 running rt 1.0.6 on a system with qmail.  Messages are sent to
 abuse at ourdomain.com which is hosted by an exchange system, then
 forwarded on to our qmail and rt system.  It seems From: lines of
 the form

 From: "user at foo.com" <user at foo.com>

 confuse something, and RT attempts to reply to 
 "user at foo.com"@ourdomain.com.  Also, I'm curious why rt is using the From:
 line to determine who to reply to rather than the From line (no colon, smtp
 envelope from).  

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