[rt-users] serial number format

Matthew Horoschun matthew at actweb.net
Tue Jan 23 00:13:30 EST 2001

You won't have enough bits... INT is 4 bytes, so you'd only get up to a bit over

Jesse wrote:

> We depend on the database to generate those unique serial numbers.
> If you can get mysql to generate sequence numbers in the apropriate range,
> it should just work.  If you can't make mysql do it, there's not really any way.
> One way (assuming that the serial #'s INT type has enough bits..which I can't
> look at right now)  is to have a cron job that inserts an entry into the
> each_req table with a serial number of yyyymmdd0000.  As long as you never
> get more than 9999 tickets in a given day this should be fine.  Note that
> I don't know if _anyone_ who's ever done this.


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