[rt-users] mail response problem

Chris Fabri fabric at bohica.nsg.northwestern.edu
Fri Jan 26 15:08:46 EST 2001

I've just set up rt v1.0.6 on a solaris 2.6 box, and I'm running
into a peculiar problem.   Requests are being created without problems,
a response is generated to the submitter, and it shows up in the
queue when viewed via web page.   However, when a message is replied
to that includes the requisite RT mail tags, it doesn't add this
to the queue for that request, it generates a new request, with new
request # and everything.

ANy ideas what's going on?  I"m using qmail as the deliver agent,
perl version 5.004_04, mysql 10.8, 3.23.22-beta distro, with
the DBs on a different server, but same os.

Thanks.   chris
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