[rt-users] Mail Problem

George Warnagiris gwarnagiris at BabcockBrown.com
Mon Jan 29 12:47:41 EST 2001

Thanks everyone for the hard work you have put into RT.  It is a fine
product.  Currently our company is evaluating help desk software.  As a
Linux/open source advocate, I am recommending RT.  I have setup a demo for
our operations team to evaluate, but I am having problems integrating RT
into our email system.

I have RT 1.0.4 running on Debian Potato which uses Exim.  I have made the
changes to my Exim config file as recommended in the FAQ
(ftp://ftp.fsck.com/pub/rt/contrib/exim.README).  The application seems to
be working fine except RT does not create a new request when it receives
mail.  Also, RT gets an Apache error when creating a new request via the web
interface (although the request does get created).  I realize this is a mail
config problem.  Here is the error from the Apache log:

"Tried to launch this command: /user/lib/sendmail -oi -t -ODeliveryMode=b
-OErrorMode=m Premature end of script".

Can you please give me a hand in trying to troubleshoot this error?  Does
anyone have insights on getting RT working with Debian?  As a member of both
of the RT mailing lists, I have not seen many setups using Debian.  

Also, if anyone would like to share how they have their RT queues
configured, it would be much appreciated.  We have about 20 international
offices with anywhere from 2 to 100 users in each office.  We use a wide
spectrum of platforms from Solaris to Mac, laptops to handhelds and
everything in-between.  Is it normal to create RT queues for each platform?
Each office?

Thank you for your time with this matter.


George Warnagiris
Network Administrator
Babcock & Brown, LP
GeorgeW at BabcockBrown.com

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