[rt-users] qmail problem with .qmail file

Ruediger Stickler styx2000 at gmx.net
Wed Jun 6 21:47:45 EDT 2001


i have a problem setting up RT's mailgate. The Webinterface works fine, but
e-mails doesnt get trough to RT.

Although I read many threads about qmail in the archives of the mailing-list
i cant get it to work.

As i did not setup qmail and therefore dont know very much about it please
tell me everything regarding qmail fool-proof (and everything else too)

I set up a user called rt and a group called rt.
I set up a queue called rt-linux.
I set up a virtual user called rt-linux (as mail-admin for my domain i made
a "vadduser rt-linux").

I know i have to write "|preline /usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate rt-linux
correspond" in a .qmail - file, but where?
/var/qmail/alias or /home/rt or /home/domain?

And whats the exact name of the file?
.qmail or .qmail-rt-linux or ...?

And what is $rtname in config.pm? Do i need an email-adress by that name or
a queue or something?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Ruediger Stickler

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