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Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Mon Jun 11 12:29:45 EDT 2001

Hm. using other unique numbers would be a real pain at this point.
you might be able to cons something up with RT2's 'Links' system to link
each new ticket to an existing project URI.

Or, assuming that project IDs are integers and are never repeated, you _can_
pass an Id to Ticket->Create.

RT2 allows you to grant rights to 'Ticket Requestor' or 'Ticket Cc' on a per queue basis...which may get you what you want.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 12:19:03PM -0400, David Fletcher wrote:
> I have a client who has a projects database for construction projects, and
> would like to be able to track email correspondence on a per-project basis.
> Each project already has a unique number associated with it.  Is it possible
> to create tickets using project #'s instead of the automatically generated
> serial #'s in RT?  (Yes, I'm sure it would involve hacking the code and
> monkeying with mysql, but I just wanted to see if there are any obvious
> gotchas before I dive in.)
> Also, with RT 2 can you set view permissions for users based on individual
> tickets?
> Thanks,
> David
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