[rt-users] Weird PERL problems with rt2

Ed Vazquez, Jr. evazquez at inflow.com
Mon Jun 11 18:44:08 EDT 2001

OK, experimenting with building on Solaris 7, SPARC5 using GNU
gcc-2.95.3 (release) and PERL 5.6.1 (complete build from source).

I get strange errors in MIME-Base64 (dowarn undeclared, Error1, exit 0)
and in HTML-Parser (hexdigit undeclared, sv_yes undeclared, sv_undef
undeclared, Error1, exit0) and they refuse to build/install.

This of course breaks things like Mason, etc. and makes install

Has anyone else gotten these errors?  If so (or not) any suggestions on
how to fix them?  It looks like I'm missing a library or module, but
which one (PERL being so helpful and have non-searchable mail-list

Ed Vazquez
Senior Security Engineer
Inflow, Inc. (http://www.inflow.com/home.asp)

"Abandon shop! Abandon shop! This is not a daffodil!"
--Holly in "Demons & Angels", Red Dwarf series V

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