[rt-users] So close, and yet so far from RT2

David Allan dave at airflash.com
Wed Jun 13 17:25:53 EDT 2001

I was not able to stop Apache from segfaulting when mod_perl was a DSO.
Compiled in and works like a champ.  I didn't work on it too long though, since
recompiling seemed like the way to go, and it worked.


Karel P Kerezman wrote:

> This is a bit of a rant, so if bitching and moaning doesn't interest
> you, delete this email now.
> It's been a little over 24 hours since I embarked upon this journey to
> test the 1.3.99 build, and I've only just gotten my webserver working
> again.
> First off, let me just say that some modules in CPAN need to be burned
> at the stake. Why is it, even though I have CPAN set to ASK FIRST, that
> every third module insists on grabbing the latest perl and installing it
> for me? Seems like a good idea, but that screws the hell out of
> mod_perl.
> I could go into the fights I had with @INC. I could go into the
> wholesale copying I had to do from the two 5.6.1 directories into
> bastardized 5.6.0 directories to make Apache load at all with the RT2
> directives turned on. But no, that would take a very long time and I'm
> tired now.
> Technically speaking, I have an RT2 installation. The CLI works just
> fine, so I know that I don't have RT2 vs. MySQL issues. What's the
> problem, then? No Web UI whatsoever. Every attempt to view the RT2
> website results in blankness, and segfault entries in Apache's
> error_log. And no, I don't think it's "The Morning Bug" as per one of
> the archives' messages, since I can click like mad on the Refresh button
> and never ever get in. A bit of google-searching tells me that it might
> just be mod_perl itself, since the segfaulting is a known issue with
> mod_perl when installed in certain ways.
> The stupid thing is, the import utility worked great and RT2 technically
> does work in CLI mode. I'm loathe to "go back" but I have this sinking
> feeling that I'm never going to make Apache/mod_perl/RT2 happy.
> I now hate mod_perl. In fact, I'm coming to strongly dislike large
> portions of how perl as a whole is installed and configured. Perl is
> great in and of itself, but God forbid us mere mortals try to DO
> ANYTHING with it...
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