[rt-users] So close, and yet so far from RT2

Karel P Kerezman rael at zero.kgon.com
Tue Jun 12 19:34:06 EDT 2001

This is a bit of a rant, so if bitching and moaning doesn't interest
you, delete this email now.

It's been a little over 24 hours since I embarked upon this journey to
test the 1.3.99 build, and I've only just gotten my webserver working

First off, let me just say that some modules in CPAN need to be burned
at the stake. Why is it, even though I have CPAN set to ASK FIRST, that
every third module insists on grabbing the latest perl and installing it
for me? Seems like a good idea, but that screws the hell out of

I could go into the fights I had with @INC. I could go into the
wholesale copying I had to do from the two 5.6.1 directories into
bastardized 5.6.0 directories to make Apache load at all with the RT2
directives turned on. But no, that would take a very long time and I'm
tired now.

Technically speaking, I have an RT2 installation. The CLI works just
fine, so I know that I don't have RT2 vs. MySQL issues. What's the
problem, then? No Web UI whatsoever. Every attempt to view the RT2
website results in blankness, and segfault entries in Apache's
error_log. And no, I don't think it's "The Morning Bug" as per one of
the archives' messages, since I can click like mad on the Refresh button
and never ever get in. A bit of google-searching tells me that it might
just be mod_perl itself, since the segfaulting is a known issue with
mod_perl when installed in certain ways.

The stupid thing is, the import utility worked great and RT2 technically
does work in CLI mode. I'm loathe to "go back" but I have this sinking
feeling that I'm never going to make Apache/mod_perl/RT2 happy.

I now hate mod_perl. In fact, I'm coming to strongly dislike large
portions of how perl as a whole is installed and configured. Perl is
great in and of itself, but God forbid us mere mortals try to DO
ANYTHING with it...

IANAPD (I Am Not A Programmer, Dammit)

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