[rt-users] Question on Scrips

Yeow yeowhui at i-dns.net
Mon Jun 18 23:06:30 EDT 2001


Not sure if you have the same problem as me but my problem has been solved.
I was running a beta version of mysql, and it didn't do "select distinct.."
too well.
I upgraded and everything is running fine now.


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> Hi,
>         I think I;m having the same problem as Yeow. I add in users onto
> a
> queues admincc list. They correctly get copies of the initial ticket
> through my global OnCreate NotifyAllWatchersAsComment. When a comment is
> made though it only goes to the requestor and if I check on the People
> box for the ticket the queue level Admincc's never show up there (I have
> OnComment NotifyAdminCcsAsComment).
>         I'm trying to mimic the behaviour of 1.0 and have a set of users
> who
> can knock comments back and forth. It doesn't seem that the adminccs for
> the queues filter down into the tickets beyond the initial ticket
> creation, is this correct? If so it means that anyone who wants to
> discuss a ticket via comments has to add themselves into every ticket?!
> Am I reading soemthing wrong?
> -Ennui
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