[rt-users] Connecting to the MySQL CLI

William Ritchie W.Ritchie at ftel.co.uk
Thu Jun 21 12:56:16 EDT 2001

Cancel last request,

the owner 'remembered' the access info and got me access, at which stage,
I am now doing the

perl script to mail RT IS request statistics to RT users.



William Ritchie wrote:

> Hi
> I have some problems, I intend to write a perl script to access my
> companys RT's mysql server,
> query it and pump out stats to which are mailed to every individual
> using RT on a friday afternoon.
> The problem I am having is, that the password access to the mysql
> database is unknown.
> I didn't install the rt system. I downloaded a version of RT to look at
> the default passwords in the
> Makefile, I have tried these but to no use, using the format from the
> FAQ and the Makefile:
> mysql -u root -p -h localhost rt
> password: My!word%z0t
> but couldn't access it.
> Looked at the /etc/config.pm to glean anything but no use there.
> Is there anyway to access the database, also is there any way to find
> out the name of the Mysql database that RT is using.
> Machine Details:
> Linux 2.2.14-5.0
> MySql Server version          3.22.32
> perl, version 5.005_03
> Apache Web Server
> No patches installed
> Thanks
> will
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