[rt-users] Problems with RT2 and mail gateway (continuation)

Gerd Nienhaus Gerd.Nienhaus at orthogon.de
Fri Jun 22 05:59:37 EDT 2001

Moin, moin again !

Harald Wagener wrote:

> It helped, thanks alot! Now mails are accepted, but nothing gets sent out
> (might be a configuration problem). Also I don't know which timezone to
> set (our clock is synchronized via ntp, so we could rely on system time).
> I tried 'Europe/Berlin' and 'Etc/GMT+2', but nothing changed. Or have I
> forgotten _everything_ in the docs and should have started some program
> to    integrate the changed configuration into RT2?

I do not exactly understand your new problem, but you seem to follow my
'chain of problems' ;-) !

Therefore the next info my be valuable ?

With RT2 you have to (or better you are able to :)) configure
ok...a lot of things !

If something should be send by RT2, you have to configure the
related action for that.

Look for all the scripts and templates... 'Nothing' will be done
automatically by RT2 :) !

If you have already taken this into account, then I am not able to
conclude from your description what your new problem might be ?!?

Regards from Germany and...


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