[rt-users] RT2 vs RT1

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Mon Jun 25 16:33:19 EDT 2001

At this point, I'd deploy RT 2.0.0RC3 in production, rather than RT 1.0.7.

2.0.0 is scheduled for release on wednesday.

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 04:11:08PM -0400, Shane Landrum wrote:
> So, I notice that RT2 is about to be released in a "suitable for
> production environments" version. I've just gone through setting
> up a demo of RT1 for my users, and they liked it, but if RT2 is
> going to be released soon, I may hold out. I need to deploy
> some ticket-tracking tool within 2 weeks; sooner is better. 
> How soon will version 2 be released, and is it stable enough 
> that my (nontechnical) users will be able to use it without 
> something going wrong? 
> srl
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