[rt-users] trouble installing rt2

Christian Lox lox at eq-media.de
Wed Jun 27 17:25:46 EDT 2001

Hi everyone!
Tried to install the new release and got trouble with it.
Some of the perl modules told errors when running 'make test' but a
'make installes' stop complaining testdeps.
I think thats the clue but how to correct it.
When running 'make install' I get something like this:

Can't locate IO/Wrap.pm in @INC....

And then compilation stops with error 2.

As I said. I tried to install the necessary modules but not sure
wether it wotked or not.
This is on a SuSE Linux 7.1 machine.


And yes, Jesse, it _is_ the greatest troublesystem available!
Would love to see it in PHP but...! No, it really is great as it is!
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