[rt-users] trouble installing rt2

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So install the required perl module.
A number of the larger "required" modules (HTML::Mason as an example),
listed in the install notes, may have dependancies of their own that
need to be fullfilled during their install process.

RT requires PackageA.
PackageA requires PAckageB and PackageC. For it to be installed.

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Hi everyone!
Tried to install the new release and got trouble with it.
Some of the perl modules told errors when running 'make test' but a
'make installes' stop complaining testdeps. I think thats the clue but
how to correct it. When running 'make install' I get something like

Can't locate IO/Wrap.pm in @INC....

And then compilation stops with error 2.

As I said. I tried to install the necessary modules but not sure wether
it wotked or not. This is on a SuSE Linux 7.1 machine.


And yes, Jesse, it _is_ the greatest troublesystem available! Would love
to see it in PHP but...! No, it really is great as it is!
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