[rt-users] Using CPAN

Chris Waltham chris at harvestroad.com
Fri Jun 29 04:09:02 EDT 2001

Being the type of Unix administrators (rare, I'm sure) not to use Perl too 
I was wondering if someone could tell me something about CPAN. Granted, 
it's a little
off-topic for the list, but I am upgrading from rt 1.x to 2.0..

Is there any way to stop Perl from going out and building the latest 
version of Perl
(I'm guessing 5.6.1) every time I want to install something from CPAN? I mean,
I ran the rt/tools/testdeps script to see what I didn't have installed (it 
needs a lot
more stuff than 1.x!), but I'd rather do it by hand. I gave CPAN a try, 
though, and off
it runs to download and compile the new version of Perl. Granted, some of 
the modules
I'm trying to install *may* depend on Perl 5.6.1, but I would think this is 

Am I just doing something wrong?



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