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Feargal Reilly feargal at thecia.ie
Fri Jun 29 07:01:15 EDT 2001

You're not alone.
Personally, I believe that perl isn't the best tool for many many problems it's applied to. But it's trendy apparently...

I've had a lot of trouble with cpan, not least because the irish cpan servers appear to be pot luck more than anything else.

In the end, I've concluded that it's just as fast to hand install everything.

CPAN is a bit like socialism, great concept, but inherently flawed, for no obvious reasons other than, well it doesn't work.


On Fri, 29 Jun 2001 16:09:02 +0800
Chris Waltham <chris at harvestroad.com> wrote:

> Being the type of Unix administrators (rare, I'm sure) not to use Perl too 
> often,
> I was wondering if someone could tell me something about CPAN. Granted, 
> it's a little
> off-topic for the list, but I am upgrading from rt 1.x to 2.0..
> Is there any way to stop Perl from going out and building the latest 
> version of Perl
> (I'm guessing 5.6.1) every time I want to install something from CPAN? I mean,
> I ran the rt/tools/testdeps script to see what I didn't have installed (it 
> needs a lot
> more stuff than 1.x!), but I'd rather do it by hand. I gave CPAN a try, 
> though, and off
> it runs to download and compile the new version of Perl. Granted, some of 
> the modules
> I'm trying to install *may* depend on Perl 5.6.1, but I would think this is 
> somewhat
> unlikely.
> Am I just doing something wrong?
> cheers,
> Chris
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