[rt-users] Problem with make install

Don Lafontaine lafont02 at mustang.cn.ca
Fri Mar 2 13:15:19 EST 2001

I still haven't been able to install rt2 yet.  I have installed Postgres
7.1 and I have the latest RT (Downloaded yesterday).

Here's the error I get with make install:

Problem with statement:
  id serial NOT NULL  ,
  Name varchar(120) NOT NULL  ,
  Password varchar(40)   ,
  Comments TEXT   ,
  Signature TEXT   ,
  EmailAddress varchar(120)   ,
  FreeformContactInfo TEXT   ,
  Organization varchar(200)   ,
  Privileged integer   ,
  RealName varchar(120)   ,
  Nickname varchar(16)   ,
  Lang varchar(16)   ,
  EmailEncoding varchar(16)   ,
  WebEncoding varchar(16)   ,
  ExternalContactInfoId varchar(100)   ,
  ContactInfoSystem varchar(30)   ,
  ExternalAuthId varchar(100)   ,
  AuthSystem varchar(30)   ,
  Gecos varchar(16)   ,
  HomePhone varchar(30)   ,
  WorkPhone varchar(30)   ,
  MobilePhone varchar(30)   ,
  PagerPhone varchar(30)   ,
  Address1 varchar(200)   ,
  Address2 varchar(200)   ,
  City varchar(100)   ,
  State varchar(100)   ,
  Zip varchar(16)   ,
  Country varchar(50)   ,
  Creator integer   ,
  Created timestamp   ,
  LastUpdatedBy integer   ,
  LastUpdated timestamp   ,
  Disabled bool NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 

ERROR:  Attribute 'disabled' is of type 'bool' but default expression is
of type 'int4'
	You will need to rewrite or cast the expression
Database handle destroyed without explicit disconnect, <STDIN> chunk 2.

Any clues?

Thanks folks!

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