[rt-users] Newbe, root getting copied on communications

Medi Montaseri medi at sc.prepass.com
Mon Mar 5 15:17:57 EST 2001


Just installed 1.0.7 and it looks like its working....

I have looked at FAQ and I'm here now

Q - Where is the Web interface to this for the Requesters. I only see a
web interface
        for the users (which persumably means support staff and not end

Q- When a new request is created, I (the only user at this point) am
getting the request
        via email. But it looks like root at localhost.samba.sc.prepass.com
is also getting a copy. Which
        by the way will bounce becase localhost.samba.sc.prepass.com is
bogus. As samba.sc.prepass.com
        is the FQDN. Note that my Makefile contains

        RT_MYSQL_HOST = samba.sc.prepass.com
        RT_HOST = samba.sc.prepass.com

Any ideas ?


Medi Montaseri, medi at prepass.com, 408-450-7114
Prepass Inc, IT/Operations, Software Eng.

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