[rt-users] Estimates and dependencies

Sean Walberg SWalberg at exchange.hsc.mb.ca
Tue Mar 6 17:07:41 EST 2001

Hi, long time fan of RT here, trying to get approval to roll this out to our
various teams.

Two "How do I coerce RT 1.0 into..." questions for you folks:

Would there be a way to track time estimates within a queue?  For example, a
ticket comes in, it is estimated at 3 hours work.  When all the tickets are
listed in priority, we would like to have a good idea of how many tickets
we'd be able to handle in a day.

What if one ticket depends on another for completion?  An example would be a
PC install and a wiring install.  The PC can't go in until the wiring is
done, so we'd like some way of keeping track of that.  Merging the tickets
is one option, but then we lose a lot of the statistics we find valuable.
The best I could come up with was to add the dependant person to the admin
of the first ticket's requestor list, so they'd at least get an email and
can change the properties manually.

Will the answers change if we were talking about RT2?



Sean Walberg <swalberg at hsc.mb.ca>
Communications Eng, Comm & Info Svcs
Health Sciences Centre [204-787-1010]

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