[rt-users] An rt-mailgate(1) streamer

J.D. Falk jdfalk at mail-abuse.org
Fri Mar 9 02:06:35 EST 2001

On 03/08/01, Sanity <sanity at fretzel.net> wrote: 

> You could just filter it through procmail first.
> Someone has already written filters to strip off all mime parts of a
> message and give you nice clean text out the other end.
> Check out this page for more info on all of the mime modules this guy has
> written http://www.procmail.org/jari/
> I use some of the filters to remove the ms-mail and outlook express junk
> but you could just as easily remove all the mime content and then send it
> to RT. This way you don't have to write anything and its portable for
> anyone that can use procmail...

	I'd very strongly suggest archiving the original message first,
	in case you need to track down an abusive user or something.

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