[rt-users] Change /temporary remove requestor from ticket correspondence

Joakim Adolfsson jocke at sightcon.se
Thu Mar 8 03:51:18 EST 2001

Hi all. Hmm, now I'll try to explain something in english whitch I can't
in Swedish, but I'll give it a try and hope someone understand what I mean

Our abuse-department receives a mail from a complainer (the requestor) and
RT creates a ticket in our abuse-queue. Sometimes we answer the requestor
"the problem is sovled, thanks" and we resolve or kill the ticket =) But
sometimes we want to continue the issue, communicating with other ISPs on
this ticket but we don't want the requestor to see the correspondence. And
ofcaurse we don't want to create a new ticket, we want all information on
the same ticket. And when the communication with other ISPs is done and we
got all answers we need, we wish to send a mail to the
complainer/requestor and say "hi now the spammer/portscanner etc is

Do you have a solution or idea how to solve this problem?


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