[rt-users] Outlook express and Netscape requesters don't get the Reply's

Medi Montaseri medi at sc.prepass.com
Fri Mar 9 11:59:21 EST 2001

I'm experiencing something very strange.

Original mail from a Requester via outlook express or Netscape gets to
RT and
RT rightfully sends ACK and Requester gets the Ticket Number.

I then Take the Request, and Reply to the Requester. RT shows all
accordingly, but Requester never gets the Reply. This is also true for
Reply's, although RT is keeping up and showing all communications.

I have tested this with Outlook and all is fine there.

I have checked my Qmail mail log and I don't see any trace of attempts
from RT to send
email to Requester (for a Reply).

Checking /home/rt/transactions/2001/Mar/9/32.154

I see that the latest Reply was placed there, but no attempt was made to
deliver or

Any ideas

Medi Montaseri, medi at prepass.com, 408-450-7114
Prepass Inc, IT/Operations, Software Eng.

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