[rt-users] special character in RT subject

Stephany Burge stephany at xigo.com
Mon Mar 12 18:56:48 EST 2001

Can anyone tell me how to change what the special character is in the RT
Subject field?  It is a tab right now.  It looks like the database
determines the serial number.  Where is that special character set? Is
it necessary?

Some mail readers are having issues with responding to mails from
RequestTracker.  The mail reader munges the tab character - so RT thinks
the reply is a new request.  On my personal machine (running Afterstep
and Communicator 4.76), it actually crashes the _entire_ window manager
when I reply to a ticket.  I've learned to be very careful about which
emails I reply to....

I'm running RT 1.0.4


-Stephany Burge

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