[rt-users] special character in RT subject

Jesse jesse at fsck.com
Tue Mar 13 01:57:16 EST 2001

It sounds like you've got a tab in your $rtname. which is, well, very bad.
you should remove it from etc/config.pm

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 03:56:48PM -0800, Stephany Burge wrote:
> Can anyone tell me how to change what the special character is in the RT
> Subject field?  It is a tab right now.  It looks like the database
> determines the serial number.  Where is that special character set? Is
> it necessary?
> Some mail readers are having issues with responding to mails from
> RequestTracker.  The mail reader munges the tab character - so RT thinks
> the reply is a new request.  On my personal machine (running Afterstep
> and Communicator 4.76), it actually crashes the _entire_ window manager
> when I reply to a ticket.  I've learned to be very careful about which
> emails I reply to....
> I'm running RT 1.0.4
> Thanks!
> -Stephany Burge
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