[rt-users] Just installed RT, but it does nothing....

Adrian Villy avilly at au1.ibm.com
Mon Mar 12 19:46:23 EST 2001


If anybody knows what is happening:

I just installed RT 1.0.5.  It compiled OK and all the prerequisite stuff
went in with a little trouble, but I got there.  The thing is if I execute
the rt script as root it will complain about Standard Input.  If I execute
the rt script or rtadmin as say user rt, it executes and does nothing
except accept standard input.  If I provide something like the help
parameter or the parameters directed from the Readme file for rtadmin, it
will just sit there and do nothing.

The CGI scripts will complain that there is misconfiguration with the
server.  If I execute the CGI scripts from the commandline, they show
exactly the same behaviour as the command line scripts.

 Does anybody know what is happening here.  I would appreciate any
assistance at all.  Thanks.....



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