[rt-users] RT for Database Updates

David Sarno david.sarno at yale.edu
Wed Mar 14 14:36:37 EST 2001


I'm working on a project called jake (http://jake-db.org/docs/about.php), and considering using RT as an 'update tracker', shifting its use slightly to allow approval and update of database changes (for instance, if the publisher of a particular journal decides to change its name).  I'm wondering if anyone has used RT to do this before, and if they could point me to some examples, or share some tips.  

Essentially, we want web users to submit update requests (e.g. "Life Magazine" will now be called "Lives Magazine").  The web update engine will generate an XML change object, and create a ticket in the RT system (possibly using SOAP).   Then RT 'Approvers' will be able to review the change tickets and approve them if appropriate, triggering another action from the RT system to the database front end software, which applies the XML chunk to update the entry to "Lives Magazine".

If anyone has any suggestions or leads, that would help a great deal.

Thanks much,

David Sarno
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