[rt-users] Display tickets on a web form

Russell Foster rf at rf0.com
Thu Mar 22 02:49:46 EST 2001

Hi All,
	I am trying to write a web page page that allows end users to
display their ticket. I am using the following sort of code...

open (IN,"/opt/rt/bin/rt -show $ticket_no|")
while (<IN>)
	print $_;

What is happening is that I am getting the following error

"Welcome to Request Tracker 1.0.7 
You don't have permission to display request #123 "

Which I admit is obvious so I added a users called apache (the username
the web server is running under) and gave the user permission to view
tickets. But it still doesn't work. Could anyone give me some sort of
insight to what is going on?



Russell Foster
EMEA IT Unix Systems Administrator
Art Technology Group

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