[rt-users] Having stripmime put a clickable link

Frank Thommen thommen at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Mar 20 09:25:44 EST 2001

hi lorens,

i did the following:

i added a subroutine 'print_url_list' to 'support.pm' and called this routine 
at the end of 'print_transaction' in 'support.pm'.  it prints a list of all 
http-urls occurring in the transaction (not only stripmime links) as clickable 
urls at the end of each transaction.

the regexp used to detect http-urls is not very good :-}.  you'll sometimes 
have to correct the url in your browser, but that should not be a big problem 
and - at least for me - is better than nothing.

the rest of the transaction is printed as preformatted text (<PRE>), therefore 
you cannot have any clickable links in it.  for 'optical conformance' the url 
list is printed in teletype style (<TT>).

any feedbacks for enhancements are welcome.

# this is tne new subroutine
sub print_url_list {
    my ($value) = shift;

    $url_regexp = 'http://([\w-])+(\.\1)*(/?[^ ])*[^\.]';

    if ($value =~ /$url_regexp/) {
      print "<tt><b>URL-List for this Transaction:</b><p>\n";

      while ($value =~ /$url_regexp/g) {
        $url = $&;
        print "* <a href=\"$url\" target=\"_new\">$url</a><br>\n";

      print "</tt>\n";

# this is the modified print_transaction
sub print_transaction {


    print "<pre>";
    print "</pre>";

    &print_url_list($body);  #add here print_url_list


> (Hesitated between rt-user and rt-devel, decided that RT1
> belongs on rt-users... that right?)
> I just installed stripmime, and I'm a bit disappointed that I
> don't get a clickable link in the web ui.
> First off, I modified the script to only put the first
> attachment in-line (if it's text), since I expect large text
> attachments that I don't want in the interface. That was a
> breeze.
> Than I modified the stripmime script to output a HTML HREF
> instead of just the plaintext URL (should have realized it
> wasn't that simple) and saw that the output is HTML-sanitized,
> which was to be expected, after all.
> I'm quite concerned about not having problems with malicious or
> bizarre mails wreaking havoc in my interface, so I'm certainly
> not going to remove what protection I have against that, but I
> do want clickable links too.
> Any way? Maybe after the sanitation is done I could sed
> the output looking for the distinctive (text) link to
> https://myhost/stripmime/, or even with a custom unusual token
> that I'd make stripmime output? Anybody done that (where is the
> sanitation done?), or have another idea?
> Apologies if this has been discussed before.
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