[rt-users] 1.3.64 & postgres & scrips

Chay Wesley chay at ci.danville.ky.us
Thu Mar 29 16:18:15 EST 2001

Hello rt-users,

  I've installed rt, and everything seems to be working fine (create
  tickets, see them, etc) except that when I use the WebUI (the only
  way I've tried) to create scrips for a queue, they don't seem to get
  stored in the DB.

  If I create a scrip, results show that the scrip was added to the
  queue, but the scrips web-page doesn't display the newly created
  scrip (or any others for that matter.)  Also, using psql on rt2, and
  doing a Select * on scrips; returns 0 records. (Select * from users,
  templates, etc. does return records)

  I've poked around in the log files (rt.log's, perl-access_log,
  perl_error_log, messages, syslog), and I can't find any indications
  of errors.

  Are there some other logs that I can enable/view to catch the
  problem, or is this a know issue, or perhaps I'm just too new at RT
  to understand how scrips are supposed to work.

  Thanks for any help...

Best regards,
 Chay Wesley                         mailto:chay at ci.danville.ky.us
 MIS Director
 City of Danville, Kentucky

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