[rt-users] Not getting email upon resolve

cjones at qwestip.net cjones at qwestip.net
Sat Mar 31 01:25:41 EST 2001

If I turn off the option that sends email notifications on each
transaction (I wanted to do this because its a bit too noisy), there is no
mail sent to the user upon resolving the ticket.  This can be simulated
by sending them a reply before resolving it, but wouldn't it be nice if
you could click resolve and it would send them a generic "Your ticket
#6969 has been resolved...", or even have the option to type in a resolve
message that will get sent to them, such as "reset your password." etc.

Im using Request Tracker 1.07  and the option I refer to is below

Requestors (requestors will always be sent copies of all correspondence.)
  [ ]  Send email notifications of each transaction (except comment)
  [x]  Send an autoreply on request creation


How about having a:
  [x]  Send an autoreply on request resolution

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