[rt-users] SelfService and other hidden bits

David Ryan david.ryan at baker.ie
Wed Nov 7 07:39:04 EST 2001

Hi there,

We are just evaluating RT and it certainly looks to be very good.  The
testimonials from people who are using it seem to indicate that the
product is very good and flexible.

However, having installed it I'm now faced with trying to work out (from
the users point of view) how to use it effectively.

I have noticed two things while going through the mail archives and
documentation which I can't find explained and am wondering if I am
missing something or some set of documentation.

The first one is SelfService which was referred to in one of the mails
and which only seems to appear in the documentation in the FAQ and then
only as a reference to the fact that it exists and doesn't have
instructions on how to access it.  From my point of view it gives a more
usefull look into a users tickets than the normal login.

The second one is the interface presented here -
http://www.fsck.com/projects/rt/screenshots/ticket.png - is this
someones customised interface or is it normally available and I just
can't find it ?

These are just some examples of the features which I may be missing -
again, am I missing some set of documentation other than that available
at http://www.helgrim.com/rtdocs/


David Ryan,
Baker Consultants

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