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Beachey, Kendric Kendric.Beachey at garmin.com
Wed Nov 7 10:26:15 EST 2001

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Hi everyone.  We want to get RT 2 up and running after having great success
with RT 1.x.  The box we want to test it on is running Mandrake 8.1.  This
distribution installs both a slim httpd for static pages, as well as a
second instance (httpd-perl) that runs on a separate port as the perl

Take my advice:  you don't want to try to get RT to work with Mandrake's
stock setup.  Mandrake and RT both make their assumptions about the way
things should be, and some of the assumptions clash.

Best approach, or at least the one that worked for me, is to remove the
apache and perl that came with Mandrake, then go download them in source
form from the web and compile them from scratch.  That will give you a setup
that RT will be happy to play with, and one that matches up with RT's
installation docs.  (You may want to go as far as to install mysql from
scratch, too, although I don't think I had to take it that far.)

Try that approach and let us know if you have any problems.
Kendric Beachey

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