[rt-users] weirdness using local/WebRT/html

Steve Greenland steveg at lsli.com
Wed Nov 7 15:15:13 EST 2001

If I create a directory /opt/rt2/local/WebRT/html/reports, and put
the reports.html and statusreport.html files from contrib in it,
Mason (?) finds them and processes them, but seems to return them as
text/text rather than text/html, as my browser displays the HTML. If I
create /opt/rt2/WebRT/html/reports, but leave it empty (and the actual
reports.html under local..., it works. If I put the html files in
....local/WebRT/html, it works.

Is this expected? Why? The reason I want this is to 

a) not have local stuff intermixed with the RT2 "product"

b) not have the namespace intermixed (which is why I don't like the idea
of having the reports in local/WebRT/html)


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