[rt-users] Searches containing merged tickets

Dewet Diener dewet at itouchlabs.com
Fri Nov 9 05:35:17 EST 2001

Hi all

The way our manager did her stats for RT1 was to list all tickets in
the DB, and then cut & paste it into Excel, from where she'd make all
perty graphs and things.  Now, to duplicate this in our brand-new RT2
setup, I'm having a bit of a headache...

Firstly, it seems the only way I could get it to list all tickets is to
do a search for "where e-mail address contains @" and set it to
unlimited results.  Two problems manifest with this:

1) It only lists about 1000 tickets.  Actually, the highest number is
1078, but I'm thinking this is caused by gaps in the numbering due to
dead tickets.  Is this hard-limited in any way?

2) It lists merged tickets as all their component tickets...  This
means that tickets 2 and 3, which were merged into 1, is still listed
as ticket 2 and 3.  This has changed from RT1, which only listed the
single combined ticket.  This is the biggest problem, as stats will be
skewed... :-/

I'd like to know if either of these two artifacts are bugs, or intended
operation?  We're currently on 2.0.9pre5, along with
DBIx-SearchBuilder 0.47.  Its running on RedHat 6.2, perl 5.00503 and
mysql 3.23.41.


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