[rt-users] ANNOUNCE: StockAnswers 0.1 for RT2

Robert Spier rspier at pobox.com
Fri Nov 9 02:45:56 EST 2001

Announcing StockAnswers 0.1

StockAnswers for RT is a very simple way to allow your users to insert
"Stock Answers" (or templates, or canned responses, or prewritten
verbiage) into their correspondence.  This might be useful for a
helpdesk type RequestTracker setup where you have common questions and
answers, and don't feel like typing them, or cutting and pasting.

It requires JavaScript to function.

The stock answers are by default just text files, but it's easy to
extend this so the answers can come from anywhere.

You can download it at...

(NOTE, I announced the existence of this about a week ago, and people
have been banging down my door for it.  This release might be a little
rough around the edges.  It works for me - thats all the warranty it
comes with.)


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