[rt-users] How to create a ticket for a user?

Vincent - D. Ertner vincent at eec.de
Sun Nov 11 21:45:40 EST 2001

Hi RTUsers,

I'm looking for an intelligent way to create ticket for
Non-RT-Users. To illustrate my demand:

  I'm often getting phone calls, notes and mails from users
  who didn't get it that we have a RT running. From time to
  time I even want to know something from a user and want
  the other Admins to follow up the whole story, thus it
  should stay in the domain of RT.

  I know how to create an "external Requestor Ticket" via
  the WebUI, but I would like keep it the "mail-way".

  The only solution i considered was mailing to RT to get a
  ticket number and to forward this to a user whilst
  changing the reply-to to RT's mail address ...

Is there any sophisticated solution to do so?




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