[rt-users] How to create a ticket for a user?

Ayan R. Kayal ayan.kayal at yale.edu
Sun Nov 11 23:34:07 EST 2001

I created a web submission form. Basically it's a PHP script that just
emails in the submission and also shows outstanding tickets that the
requestor already has. Generally, given our computing environment, a single
user shouldn't have more than one ticket, but the outstanding ticket list is
just so people don't submit duplicates because no tech has acted on their
ticket yet. As for the ACL, everyone is allowed to CreateTicket and
ReplyToTicket, although I do require that everyone using the web form must
login using our standard campus auth method (which also plugs into a custom
table in our RT database to put in user info).
	You could just publicize the email address. We don't publicize the address,
just because we decided to go the web method, but I guess if people reply to
tickets, they would know the address. We definitely didn't want users
dealing with RT! :) So a web submission form was our "half-way" method, and
it also sends the autoreply so if people have more to say, they can just

O-                         ~ARK

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> I'm looking for an intelligent way to create ticket for
> Non-RT-Users. To illustrate my demand:
>   I'm often getting phone calls, notes and mails from users
>   who didn't get it that we have a RT running. From time to
>   time I even want to know something from a user and want
>   the other Admins to follow up the whole story, thus it
>   should stay in the domain of RT.
>   I know how to create an "external Requestor Ticket" via
>   the WebUI, but I would like keep it the "mail-way".
>   The only solution i considered was mailing to RT to get a
>   ticket number and to forward this to a user whilst
>   changing the reply-to to RT's mail address ...
> Is there any sophisticated solution to do so?

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