[rt-users] Project Management Fund?

George Warnagiris gwarnagiris at babcockbrown.com
Mon Nov 12 19:15:10 EST 2001

Can someone add me to the mail group of people interested in RT Project
Management and the relevant funding.  My employer has expressed interest in
this enhancement.

Thank you,

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Recently I saw information about a fund to assist Jesse work on enhancing
the Project Management capabilities of RT2. I am wondering where this is up
to because..

o I have been asked to consult on a job, with a view to possible building or
commissioning a system which requires something like a RT based system with
Project management (or at least Milestone management) capabilities.

o I have been told what the 'ballpark' is for this work and while I think it
is inadequate for building from scratch what they want, it would be a
significant contribution to this fund.

So.. What is the current status of the fund and who are the other interested

Also, Jesse if you are watching, are you still interested in such work and
what is your availability like?


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