[rt-users] Project Management Fund?

Rehan van der Merwe Rehan at nha.co.za
Tue Nov 13 01:49:39 EST 2001

Hi there George, Adam,

We have 3 major contributors so far - Sheeri Kritzer, ourselves (Neil Harvey
& Acc) and Derek Fage.  We are aiming to get together $10,000, of which
Derek and ourselves are willing to give $1000 each and Sheeri
potentially/probably more.  

Needless to say, the higher your $$$ input, the higher your priorities.  We
have not put together a detailed spec, representative of all of us yet, but
we have some broad guidelines that I have identified as NHA's needs, being :

> Front-end:
> 1. Time lines, projected and real.  Ideally this would be in the form of
> Gantt charts, but it can be done effectively without graphics.
> 2. Project and Task descriptions.
> 3. Project and Task outlines and breakdowns.
> 3.1 Enforcement of compulsory "due"-dates
> 4.1 The people involved - active members and watchers, and what there
> are - hierarchy.
> 4.2 Resource allocation.
> 5. Put all this together and have part of it in a 'public' domain, and
> customers/non-priviledged users would be able to take note of the project
> (if so required) and get into contact with the correct person/role-player.
> This is often lacking in PM software : "This is great/not - Who do I speak
> to ...?"
> 6. Registering/updating of Projects : This is a difficult to
> - I am yet to see anything that I thought : "this is great/easy".  If you
> want this specified more, please let me know and I will look into our
> some more
> Back-end:
> 1. The obvious linking of issues with the relevant project - ticketing.
> 2. Dependency implementation: on project and ticket scope - NB.
> 3. Time-tracking/Clocking - it is always helpfull to be able to allocate
> time per day as people work to calculate/compare real and projected costs
> projects/components.
> 4. Archiving/Closing of projects.
> This is broadly what will be usefull to us.
> I'm adding part of Jon's requirements as per his mail to the list:  Clear
> duplication of our requirements are bold:
> <---snip--->
> i may be able to get my employer to also contribute.  i have not put
> much thought into particular requirements, and i do not have any real
> sense of funding levels, but here are some initial thoughts:
>   1. easy and familiar web interface
>   2. integrated with ticket system
>   3. enforced "depends on" relationships (ie- must resolve subtasks
>      before progressing on dependant ones)
>   4. provides caculated completion dates, based on "time left" field
>      of each unresolved subtask of the project, taking into account
>      non-work days of course
>   5. gantt charts of course
>   6. gpl (required), linux (appreciated)
>   7. project templates would be neat.  ie- the same project for
>      different customers or different equipment.  it'd be nice to drop
>      a "deploy a new linux cluster" into the schedule, with the many
>      related tasks that must be performed included.  this could be
>      accomplished via something like: select a project, dump to a
>      perl/sql script.  then just run the script with a "project start
>      date" as an argument.
>      a "copy project" button would be a even better.  it would duplicate
>      the project with all tasks, according to a configurable list of what
>      elements to duplicate (ie- always name/subject, time left (duration),
>      dependancies, and sometimes owners, requestors, etc).

It would be great to get some more people and funds involved.  As soon as we
have enough to work with, we can get the ball rolling.  The first step would
be to get a more formal presentation of our collective requirement to
present to Jesse.

If you are going to contribute, I would appreciate it if you could specify
by how much, and what you requirements and input can be.  

Additional resources, such as some time of your technical writers (if you
would have) or such, would be much appreciated as well.

Please be free and frank to make additional suggestions/ideas.

Thanks for your interest.  I am looking forward to receiving your input.

Rehan van der Merwe
Neil Harvey & Associates (Pty) Ltd
rehan at nha.co.za
Tel:  +27 21 6709237
Fax: +27 21 6709337

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Can someone add me to the mail group of people interested in RT Project
Management and the relevant funding.  My employer has expressed interest in
this enhancement.

Thank you,

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Recently I saw information about a fund to assist Jesse work on enhancing
the Project Management capabilities of RT2. I am wondering where this is up
to because..

o I have been asked to consult on a job, with a view to possible building or
commissioning a system which requires something like a RT based system with
Project management (or at least Milestone management) capabilities.

o I have been told what the 'ballpark' is for this work and while I think it
is inadequate for building from scratch what they want, it would be a
significant contribution to this fund.

So.. What is the current status of the fund and who are the other interested

Also, Jesse if you are watching, are you still interested in such work and
what is your availability like?


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