[rt-users] Reply mail seems never to be send out

Frank Bagehorn FBA at zurich.ibm.com
Tue Nov 13 11:45:27 EST 2001

I just installed RT 2.0.8 on a RedHat 7.2 system. I configured it to use 
sendmail (with a symlink of /opt/rt2/bin/rt-mailgate to 
/etc/smrsh/rt-mailgate). I am able to create tickets via e-mail, and if a 
user tries to create a ticket without having permissions to do so, he (and 
me as the admin) gets an e-mail telling him so.
So e-mail in general seems to work, but when I try to do a reply to a 
ticket, the reply is never actually send out. RT appends everything nicely 
to the ticket history, when I look into the maillog of the system nothing 
has bee send (i.e. no entry in maillog, /var/spool/mqueue untouched) and 
also no new entry under /var/log/rt .
I tried the different given configurations in config.pm (with or without 
sendmailpipe, with a simple '-oi' option or the long version), but no 
The fact that no errors are reported, makes it hard to track it down.
I have given my "outgoing mail config" below.

Any ideas ?


# {{{ Outgoing mail configuration

#$MailAlias is a generic alias to send mail to for any request
#already in a queue.

#RT is designed such that any mail which already has a ticket-id 
#with it will get to the right place automatically.

#This is the default address that will be listed in
#From: and Reply-To: headers of mail tracked by RT unless overridden
#by a queue specific address

$CorrespondAddress='666 at zurich.ibm.com';

$CommentAddress='666 at zurich.ibm.com';

#Sendmail Configuration

# $MailCommand defines which method RT will use to try to send mail
# We know that 'sendmail' works fairly well.
# If 'sendmail' doesn't work well for you, try 'sendmailpipe'
# But note that you have to configure $SendmailPath and add a -t
# to $SendmailArguments

$MailCommand = 'sendmail';

# $SendmailArguments defines what flags to pass to $Sendmail
# assuming you picked 'sendmail' or 'sendmailpipe' as the $MailCommand 
# If you picked 'sendmailpipe', you MUST add a -t flag to 

# These options are good for most sendmail wrappers and workalikes

# These arguments are good for sendmail brand sendmail 8 and newer
$SendmailArguments="-oi -ODeliveryMode=b -OErrorMode=m";

# If you selected 'sendmailpipe' above, you MUST specify the path
# to your sendmail binary in $SendmailPath.
# !! If you did not # select 'sendmailpipe' above, this has no effect!!
$SendmailPath = "/usr/sbin/sendmail";

# RT can optionally set a "Friendly" 'To:' header when sending messages to
# Ccs or AdminCcs (rather than having a blank 'To:' header.
# If you are using sendmail, rather than postfix, qmail, exim or some 
other MTA,
# you _must_ disable this option.

$UseFriendlyToLine = 0;

# }}}

Dr. Frank Bagehorn
IBM Zurich Research Lab.
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