[rt-users] "Ordinary" CGI-Scripts don't work after installing RT2

Darren Grabowski drg at verio.net
Tue Nov 13 13:15:44 EST 2001

Josh Krikke is quoted as saying:
> This is more of an Apache and Mason question, but here you go:
> 1. You don't have a ScriptAlias in there for your cgi-bin
> 2. After you put that in, Mason will still try to handle all your requests.
> I'd put a
> <FilesMatch "*.html">
>     SetHandler perl-script
>     PerlHandler RT::Mason
> </FilesMatch>
> instead of your <Location /> tags.  I've not had problems with that.
> 3. If that is your only IP, then once you put that VirtualHost in there,
> directives in there will override everything else in your httpd.conf file.

This works great, except when users send in attachments.  How can I set this
up so Mason handles everything except cgi scripts?


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