[rt-users] newbie question

David Ryan david.ryan at baker.ie
Wed Nov 14 08:49:00 EST 2001


It needs to be in the subject line.

The easiest thing for you to do is to set up a scrip with the following
settings : oncreate autoreply torequestors with template globalautoreply
- this will send you out a ticket ID which is particular to your machine
when you open a ticket by email.

The purpose of comments has been explained earlier in this thread.  It
is only relevant *if* you intend that your customers get a copy of the
ticket contents.  It basically means you don't want your customer to see
the *comment* where you said something like "this damn guy keeps making
the same mistake - we have already fixed it already"


Dmitry Semkin wrote:
> 14 11 2001 16:05, you wrote:
> > Dmitry,
> >
> > When a ticket is opened it is assigned an ID.
> >
> > When you comment, you need to tell RT which ticket ID you are commenting
> > on.  This is what the message is telling you.
> >
> > The ticket ID looks a bit like this - [domain.com #53] - where
> > domain.com is the domain you have configured RT to use (check the login
> > screen).
> >
> > If you send a mail to the comment address and include the ticket ID, you
> > should find that the comment gets added.
>         ok. and what field this TID must be included in? subject? message body?
> but anyway, I can't realise this mail alias' purpose. where I must be looking
> for TID? or I must remember it while sending additional comments?
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