[rt-users] Rt getting slower

Josh Krikke krikke at macatawa.org
Wed Nov 14 09:25:28 EST 2001

It seems like a kernel memory leak, from my experience...

I'm running RT on an AMD 450 with 128MB, and it runs fine.  I had set up a
test machine (I think Pentium 200, 64MB) and it would start out ok, but then
crunch to a halt within a half hour.  This machine was running kernel 2.4.8.
The 2.4 kernel before .11 or .12 had a leaky VM; this would cause anything
to slow down.

The 450 machine is running kernel 2.2.19 and is fine.  Which version of the
2.4 kernel are you using?  I would consider upgrading (or downgrading to
2.2) if it is less than 2.4.12.

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> Hi,
> We have rt installed into a AMD Athlon 700 with 128 Ram and a Linux 2.4
> OS with apache, qmail and mysql running.
> There are 3 people working all the day with the ticketing system, and it
> is _very_ slow. To display a ticket it is about 30-60 seconds.
> What is the average time a ticket gets to display?
> Is there any way to speed up rt? we have about 3000 tickets into the
> database, some of them are spam and are as status dead. How can we
> delete this tickets?
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