[rt-users] what exactly do I need on the subject line to get some help?:(

Gwendolynn ferch Elydyr gwen at reptiles.org
Fri Nov 16 14:21:05 EST 2001

> This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
> I am surprised on how little response I get when posting questions. I =
> thought that helping people was what this list was for. If you care to =
> help you can see my previous message from today.
> Raymond Norton

Hi Raymond -

The short answer to your question is "Maners and Patience".

The long answer to your question includes:

(1) Learn to post in text only. Posts in both html and text are annoying
	at best, and cause many people to immediately hit <del>.

(2) RTFM (and that includes the list archives)

(3) Understand that _free_ software and support is just that. Free. People
	do it out of the goodness of their heart. You can't scream and demand
	that they help you. Take what you get. If you happen to get something
	be grateful. If you don't, don't whine.

	If you want to be able to rant and scream about lack of support, pay
	someone to support you.

	Otherwise, don't be surprised when the response you get to a whine
	boils down to "get a life".

"A cat spends her life conflicted between a deep, passionate and profound
desire for fish and an equally deep, passionate and profound desire to
avoid getting wet.  This is the defining metaphor of my life right now."

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