[rt-users] what exactly do I need on the subject line to get some help?:(

Teo de Hesselle teo.dehesselle at uts.edu.au
Fri Nov 16 18:42:05 EST 2001

> Raymond Norton wrote:
> I am surprised on how little response I get when posting questions. I
> thought that helping people was what this list was for. If you care to
> help you can see my previous message from today.

Fuck off. Really... We don't need the attitude.

What should you do if you really need help and you want me to give it to
you? A brown envelope, full of unmarked bills would be a good start.

No-one answered your pathetic one line post because it's been covered time
and time again, and stuff to do this is in the contrib directory, IIRC.

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