[rt-users] feature request: search: priority =

Sheeri Kritzer awfief at usg.tufts.edu
Fri Nov 16 11:52:22 EST 2001

Hi there,

currently (well, in 2.0.7 at least), priority is searched by "exceeds foo" 
or "is less than" foo.  How about "equals foo" as well?

This came up when I was setting priorities and wanted to know everything 
that didn't have a priority set.  I could search for everything that 
exceeded -1 as a priority (we've set up priorities to be 0-100) or is less 
than 101, but I can't search for tickets that don't have a priority.

Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
University Systems Group
Tufts University
sheeri.kritzer at tufts.edu

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