[rt-users] UserObj info into a template

Ashley Gould agould at aslab.com
Fri Nov 16 23:49:41 EST 2001

HI list,

I'm creating a template which sends a filled in RMA form to requestors.
I need to catch the requestor's user information.  But from what I can
see a TemplateObj only knows about Ticket objects and Transaction objects.
And something called Argument:

sub _ParseContent  {
  my $self=shift;
  my %args = ( Argument => undef,
               TicketObj => undef,
               TransactionObj => undef,

It seems I could pass a UserObj in Argument, but I haven't yet stumbled
on where I could set the value for Argument.

Or I could make an extention of Template.pm which provides a UserObj.

Are there other ways to do it?

I have to confess perl objects are still very myserios to me.

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