[rt-users] Help me with Initial RT install recommendation

Teo de Hesselle teo.dehesselle at uts.edu.au
Fri Nov 16 19:32:35 EST 2001

Trever Furnish wrote:

> My goals were to stick as much as possible with redhat-supplied rpm
> packages and to definitely NOT recompile perl.  

This shouldn't be a huge problem, as long as you're using the same
compiler and libs as was used to compile perl. 

If not, when you compile perl modules, things either won't work at all or
they will fail subtly - I suspect this is the cause of many people's

See, perl remembers the options that were used to compile it (try a perl
-V), and your typical perl makefile.PL script uses the same switches to
compile the module, so the module is compiled in the environment as the
one used to make perl.

This leads to a world of pain if you end up using two sets of libs to
compile what is effectively the same program.

At the end of the day, I find compiling everything myself leads to a lot
less problems... Don't get me wrong - packages rock - I make solaris
packages for just about everything, as it lets us have the same
environment across all our machines. The key factor is that my packages
make up a coherent environemnt, which is something very very easy to break
if you're starting from something like redhat, because there's bound to be
something you need to change, and then everything goes to hell.

In any case, I've ranted enough on the subject now.

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